The Trump Administration Is Going After Naturalized Citizens Now



Are they starting with 45’s current wife?

Everyone needs to get out and vote in November. If the number of Republicans in Congress doesn’t drop by the end of January, expect that natural born citizens will start getting disappeared by next June.


Of course not, she’s the kind of immigrant they want - white and supportive of oligarchies!


Are we so sure of that…



I guess I’m just not on the “she’s resisting” band wagon. She may not have realized she was going to be first lady, but she sure as hell realized the trade offs in marrying someone like Trump when she did. She likes the status, I think.


A seasoned pro like TrophyEscort 3.0 should be more professional.


As with the fraudulent voting commission that eventually vanished under the weight of its own bullshit, this is a solution in search of a problem. No, wait, there is a problem: that we let The Browns become citizens in the first place! Better to waste time and money searching for any pedantic, technical way to retroactively invalidate their citizenship than let them claim the birthright of all True Americans™.


Another red flag goes up for me. I watch what happens in regard to citizenship, immigrants and the border very closely because it’s an indicator of what everyone else can expect if this regime continues to be enabled.


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