Six Wakes: a locked-room science fiction murder mystery, delightfully confounded by cloning and memory backups

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Readers of Boing Boing have joined me in chronicling the variegated science fiction career of Mur Lafferty: novelist, podcast pioneer, editor – today, she publishes her latest novel, a hard sf murder mystery called Six Wakes, in which the crew of a generation ship awake in a blood-drenched shipboard cloning bay, in fresh bodies to replace their murdered selves floating in the alarming null-gee, memories restored to the backup they made just before launch, a quarter-century before.

It kinda reminds me the plot of Dark Matter tv show ( .

Without the gerational ship…

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I clicked “buy” so fast I sprained something. Locked-room murder mystery IN SPAAAAACE?!! YES!

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Dark Matter is like the A-Team in space. For better and worse.

Mur’s book sounds (and probably is) very different.

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Soooo I finished it. EXCELLENT book. I want a sequel.

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