Skate legend Jay Adams was still going strong in 2013

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I’m puzzled by the premise of this post.


Video of one of the original Z-Boys still skating at age 52.

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Dogtown and Z-Boys is a very interesting “slice of life” look at the origins of skating as we know it today and how very different it was prior to the 70s and 80s after plastic wheels were introduced.

Them west coast skaters who just wanted to surf on land altered the course of what skating was, looked like, and meant to people.

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I am puzzled by the subject of this post.

Jay Adams original Z-Boy sure but one with a racist and homophobic checkered past to say the least.

Original Z-Boy Alva still going, and other non-Z (but still as good if not better than Adams) skaters like Salba (Steve Alba) and Lance Mountain are pool masters to this day and over 50.

While over 50 now, check out Mountain’s part in his own pool in “Extremely Sorry” from a few years back, unreal.

And for the love of god can someone finally tell me who it is covering the Damned’s “History of the World par II” in that part?

As much as he had his issues (both in terms of personal demons and attitude/ideology) and may not have been the best technical skater, he is possibly THE most influential skater whose style and innovation pretty much defined modern skating.

It’s a tricky one to try separating art from the artist, so I can understand the hesitance to grant coverage to people with less than palatable views and actions in their past, but to simply airbrush them from history is also doing future generations a disservice.

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