Michelle Steilen shows off her Bones Bearings




I find it interesting that these are traditional skates rather than in-line/rollerblade. Better suited to such moves?


Excellent skating, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the bearings she’s showing off.


I remember my first set of Bones bearings (on a Powell Guerrero in '86). The difference was amazing. Still love them to this day.


Really? My eyes were focused on her wheels the entire time. And by wheels I mean butt.


No pads, damn girl you a tough one.


I cringed through the entire part I watched.

Both minutes.


“traditional” skates are the standard used in Derby (or “rollerderby” or whatever the hell you want to call it), which has become increasingly popular in larger cities over the past decade.


As someone who just started skating with a roller derby league (training to be a ref), I’m impressed by her skating skills, but really wondering how someone who try this without proper protective gear.


Young and immortal and stupid. Or more simply, young.



She is young and so her bones don’t break as easily. I remember those days. After a fall, you’d either be totally fine, or have to spend 6 months in a cast 'cos u broke femur.

Eventually she will start wearing shin pads getting into the shower, like the rest of us over-30s.


She’s been playing roller derby under the name Estro Jen since 2006 and skating for her entire life. By my math, she’s got to be at least 30.


Admired her style-in’.


That basketball court looks ridiculously similar to the one from this 38 year old video posted here last week:

I would buy everyone involved a plate of shrimp if it could be proven to be the same place.


This is so bad@$$ - and no - you can’t do half those moves with inline skates. Nice to see the 70s skate art (so complete with the shorts and gym socks) so nicely performed in the 21st century. I’d totally go and see her perform in a roller-derby!


My friend is in the local roller derby team. She’s maimed at least one person I know of. Scares the shit out of me, that sport.


Those are some quality bearings.


SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE, Robert Crumb is intently watching this video, OVER AND OVER, hand hidden under a lap blanket.


nuff respek, gal!