Michelle Steilen shows off her Bones Bearings


That is the first thing I thought of when I hit the play button.


Then there is that one time when a helmet would of been a good idea.


Some pretty amazing camera work there too.


Question: Are these ball bearings, or roller bearings, or UHMW slip bearings, or…?


Ball. The commercial is for Bones Swiss … not Bones Reds (ABEC5) or Bones Blacks (ABEC7). The swiss are ceramic ball bearings, best skateboard bearings you can buy … aside from Black Panther’s Golds - also a ceramic ball bearing, but made by Shorty’s, not Powell (Bones wheels/bearings are just a PowellPeralta brand)


Came here to say THIS! Not only skating, but framing, following, and not falling.


No. She is over 30. She actually did break her femur (yep, you actually nailed the bone) several years ago. She wears as much protective gear as she needs when she is trying something where she feels she needs them.

  • raises his left hand up over his head forming an “L” with forefinger and thumb and points at her with the right hand*


So, as the tricks demonstrate, the lady does have balls. (I couldn’t resist the pun, but wanted to make sure it was accurate before I tossed anything that lame onto the board.)


… oh darn, my limited ASL is horribly swapped out right now; I know I should recognize that sign…


I had a pair of speed skates back in the early 80’s Sims Snakes, on Tracker Mini Trucks mounted to a pair of speed skate boots. I loved the hell out of those skates. It totally changed street skating back then. I also rode a Caster Chris Strople Deck, with original Gullwings trucks and Kryptonics Wheels. Now that vintage gear is worth a mint.


As someone who has coached many skaters both on wheels and on ice, I’m not that impressed by her skating skills and I’m HORRIFIED by her lack of protective gear.

I hate to be negative, and if she’s on here or ever reads this comment, I’m sorry for sounding trollish. The fact of the matter is, though, that she shouldn’t be skating like that in shorts with no protective gear unless she has some sort of desire to end her skating career very quickly. And she’s an OK skater, sure, but she’s wobbly in way too many places, has poor skating posture through many of the shots, and doesn’t use her wheels that well at all for power or for jumping and landing. Add the technique errors to the lack of protective gear, and I would not be surprised if she ends up in surgery before long.


I bought four packs of those about ten or twelve years ago. Each pack has two sets if you count em skateboard style.

Riding about 250 hours per year, today I am still with the second pack (third set) of bearings I bought back then.

These are incredible bearings. Worth every penny of their, erm cough, ridiculously high price. Just regard them as four sets in one. You’ll find out they’re reasonably priced actually. And smooth like a maglev.


Ha, made me think of him too.


Not ASL, it’s the signal the referee in roller derby giver for “lead jammer.”


Just as knee injuries and concussions are endemic in football, I would put ankle injuries at the top of the list for roller derby. nb I was thinking of giving the EMTs at the local bouts name tags saying “Sick Transit” and “Gloria Monday”


misogynistic thoughts aside, i love the skating. the socks and shorts are pretty awesome, too.


White is lead.


Skating was cool but loved the song best! Was that by Bikini Kill or some imitator?

EDIT: eh, Google gave me the result in .32 seconds. BK never gets old!


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