Are there any fellow Mutants that have, or still do, skateboard and are there any shops or brands I should look out for?

In Austin I found “No Comply”.


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I was fairly casual, I guess, but I used to skate a lot. there was no skate scene at my high school, but the local scene in Knoxville was very tight-knit, so when I went there for school, I made friends with one skater who was stoked to get me skating, and I knew everyone else from going to the same parties, so I got adopted into the scene. never could Ollie reliably. one day it would be on randomly, but usually not. loved skating ramps, though. for a while there I could 50/50 grind the coping, rock n roll, stuff like that.
got older, don’t have anyone to skate with anymore; same old story.

in Atlanta, the established skater-owned shop is Stratosphere. the guy’s son skates pro now.
in Knoxville, it’s Pluto. if anyone goes, tell Brian Noah says hi

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