Skee-Lo raps 'The Tale of Mr. Morton'

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A busted a move on that, and the Dear Wife liked it.


Just goes to show, how well-written the Schoolhouse Rock songs were =) .


It’s really good, but I feel like there were some missed opportunities for callouts to “I Wish.”

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Blame it on Ice Cube, because he says it gets
funky when you got a subject and a predicate

-from NWA’s Express Yourself

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When my kids were first trying to learn about the predicate, I played this video for them.

Worked like a charm.

I remember buying this in a slightly shady import CD store way back in 97 and it quickly became one of my favorite CDs, alternating with Saturday Morning’s Greatest Hits. Great little groove.

I feel like I should demand someone get off my lawn now…

The “Pronouns” video is still my fave. Nuthin’ beats that awesome piano riff


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