Skull armchair


Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him La-Z-Boy


To make it really ideal for supervillains it would have to be a swivel chair.


“Ah Mr. [substitute name of hero], I’ve been expecting you.”
Can’t really make that work without the swivel action.


It’s a little counter-intuitive. Why do you want a skull on the back of the chair. Well, you’ve got your slightly raised dais. It’s on one edge of the open chamber where you’d like to confront your enemy. The skull side faces the center of the chamber. The chair-side faces the wall of view screens, or crazy-wall of strings connecting newspaper articles about your exploits, or the shrine showcasing your mother’s dessicated head. Your enemy or enemies gather behind you in the room, seeing the great black skull, until you choose the precise moment to rise from the chair and reveal the means with which you will dispose of them.

I’d skip the swivel and just have the seat lower, so you can step forward and use the skull as a podium. If perchance things go sour, activate rockets and the whole skull/chair/podium doubles as an escape pod.


Who ever buys one of these has a big head. I’ll take two.

It’s the kind of thing that I’ll lounge in when I rule the world; naked, of course, because why the hell not.

I look at that and think “It’d be really neat if it was styled as a piece of cloth that ‘just happened’ to fall into the skull shape…”

The name of the piece is “Ow, fuck! My goddamn toe!”

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[quote=“SpunkyTWS, post:3, topic:15149, full:true”]
To make it really ideal for supervillains it would have to be a swivel chair.
[/quote]This is only a minor hurdle for any any proper supervillain.

‘This incredibly tasteless, grotesque and expensive chair shall be mine. I will have its author eliminated to ensure exclusivity, and it will be mounted on a superconducting maglev platform operated by wireless thought control.’


I will sit in it, stroking a hairless cat, while her kittens spill from the eye sockets like tears from Hell, and crawl in and out of the nasal cavity like demented boogers.

If I don’t see fanfiction that uses this chair, I will be sad. It’s fantastic!

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