Skull cakery

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American Pie comes to mind for some reason.

I don’t usually bake a cake in it, I usually just drink out of the skull of my enemy.

wait… what are we talking about?

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I got a couple of these for my sister a couple years ago. She uses them to bake skulls that bleed jam when you bite into them. Work well as chocolate molds too.

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I was thinking something white and creamy, but jam works too.

I thought that would be a fun thing to buy, until I clicked on the link; how fucking much? :scream:
Ten quid I’d have gone for, £48? Not. A. Chance.

Hit it with a coating of edible silver spray paint and you can ride into Valhalla, shiny and chrome – or double down as the Terminator.
Also good fun for Dios de la Muerte.

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Nordic Ware makes very high quality bakeware for the most part, though they have lines from cheap to pricey. They basically invented the modern bundt pan too. They’re very thick aluminum with a remarkably durable non-stick coating.

There’s a couple of grades, increasing in price with thickness and how detailed the designs are. These novelty pans tend sit high in the middle of the range.

So they’re generally well worth it. But £48 is very high for this specific pan. The US price at that link is $33.50, around £25.

If I had to guess it’s cause these are made in the US and I don’t think they’re distributed in Europe. Some of my Irish family have made big deals about bringing Nordic Ware bundt pans back when they visit. Since they see sexy bundt cakes on instagram and apparently can’t get decent pans at a fair price at home.

Or it could be Amazon gouging because it’s October. I paid $20 a piece for a couple of these by waiting till November.

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We’ve got one. I’ve never had very good success getting a whole skull out of it. Made a batch of cornbread a couple of weeks ago, and only one released fully, even though I thoroughly coated the pan with cooking spray first…

That one whole one looked great in a bowl of homemade chilli, tho.


First thing to know is I don’t bake much.

But my sister is a certified baking nard and I used to work for a commercial baker. So these things come up.

From what I am told greasing the pan on it’s own won’t work well, you need to heavily dust the pan with flour after you grease it up. Apparently a heavy coat of grease isn’t as important as it being even.

This one is about Bundt pans, but should apply to any pan like this with intricate detail. I’m guessing you could use corn meal for corn bread. Or rice flour tends to work crazy good for that sort of thing. And a heavy coat of rice flour will give the skulls a white skin.

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I sprayed it. One of the The Eyes Who Liurk in the Pantry’s recipes said DO NOT GREASE the pan (the Angel Food0 and I did. It worked out great and all 18 cakes I baked released without issue.

I think angel food cake recipes you don’t grease the pan because it needs the grip on the sides to raise properly.

On account of being made mostly of air and disappointment.

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Trust me, in the skull pan you spray. Those tiny teeth?

You’re supposed to link this one when it comes to drinking from skulls.

There’s a third strip I was trying to reach, where the king has too many skulls for crafting… but I couldnt find a proper link.

This one?

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There it is! Thanks!

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