Skull made of compressed cocaine


Of course they used the ‘shitty coke’ for the art piece. They kept the good stuff for themselves.

Presumably made for an anti-drugs campaign? It says ‘a commissioned piece’.

As for the value, it looks about the size of a bag of sugar, call it 1Kg so at $60 a gram, roughly $60,000. Quite pricey but not on the scale of “for the love of god”.

How does the artist intend to sell it? It’s essentially a pile of cocaine. Selling cocaine is usually not exactly legal (even in the Netherlands)…

Street-source gelatin? Man I want to get my hands on some of that shit!


Well that’s the point of its being commissioned, innit - the client buys the piece up front.

Not having read TFA, I might guess that the commissioning entity might be a police department or similar, who already have a supply of confiscated cocaine, which they are here attempting to use for anti-drug propaganda purposes rather than simply incinerating.

But it still has teeth and no deviated septum. I call shenanigans.


Would have been a lot simpler to leave the coke in powder form and title his piece “Pulverized Skull”.


Damien Hirst is probably pissed.

Sounds like some pretty shitty coke.


That would be rather hypocritical, considering that “For the Love of God” was ripped off from John LeKay.

John McAfee’s skull?

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So after all the cut maybe $30 because I don’t know where the other half of that gram went…

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Except, couldn’t they use chalk dust, and say it’s coke, and get equal propaganda value with less downside risk?

If it was propaganda, then we’d have known it at this stage. Big press release when the first images come out etc.

Can’t find the article but a San Francisco newspaper found that average there was 7% purity.

I reckon 1kg is a reasonable estimation of weight if the skull is life-sized. There’s no reason to assume he’d buy it by the gram and according to this chart:

it cost $46,691 per kilo in The Netherlands in 2010 or if he popped over to Luxembourg it’d set him back $31k.

There’s an interview over here with the artist where he responds to questions about quantity, cost, fear of legality or police raids with: As this was a commissioned piece, I’m under a pretty binding non-disclosure agreement, and thus unable to provide too much information.

My guess is that this was commissioned by police or anti-drug government body, since no self-respecting artist would risk serious jail time to create an artwork and the fact that it’s “art” doesn’t change the fact that he’s also trafficking a controlled substance.

What a waste of perfecty good coke… Though I do wish that I was a rich artist who could make art out of drugs and get away with it. Us regualr people will just have to get used to sniffing every last milligram and dealing with cops.

Coke is not so common in Finland (we’re more of a speed nation), so it tends to be crap (you can hardly feel a thing when you take a 0,1g line!) and bloody expensive. 60 dollars a gra? Oh, I wish! You can expect to pay at least $135 and up to $270 here. Of course, all drugs are at least twice as expensive here than in, say, America (and we do have more money to spend), but still, it’s ridiculous. Thank god for the internet, where you can get quality drugs for cheap. Pretty much everyone here does that - selling drugs “on the street” isn’t even a thing.

Also, 15-20% purity isn’t “shitty” (well, it is, but not in comparison to reality), it’s actually pretty common and in some places better than the average. One study showed that almost third of the coke seized by police in the UK was less than 9% pure.

It’s even worse with heroin. The quality on the street can be less than 1%, and up to 20% (or higher, not not usually). If someone usually stuffs his veins with some 5% pure crap, and suddenly gets 20%… well, let’s just say that’s how overdoses happens. This is just one of the many reasons the War on Drugs has to stop.

Looks like a perfect votive offering for Holy Death, if you fancy your Latin American folk spirituality with a side of upsetting the Catholic party-line types…

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