"Sculpture" of horse's head yours for $59.99


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I can get a sculpture of my head as a horse? Awesome!

Free shipping! Great! How much for the Bible verse?




I might buy it, is it 3d printed?


intriguing, but I buy only stuff found in a safe. sorry.


I have a piece of driftwood that looks just like that except that mine lacks the fork at what I presume this seller thinks to be the horse’s snout. That would make mine even more authentically equine, no?

Bidding starts at $79.99


Ceci n’est pas un urinoir.


I miss Regretsy


Just what my bed needs!



Yours is 20 bucks more? It MUST be better!!



Uh, it’s a horse’s skull… not - you know - the other thing. :wink:


Or you can buy “art” featuring a horse’s ass for only $20,000. You have to be quick and buy it before Donald does.


direct proof that legalizing weed stimulates the economy!

“Sculpture” of horse’s head yours for $59.99

Is it in a locked safe? Cause I might, might buy that.


I see a bunny rabbit,


Of course it is a sculpture of a horse head – you just need to remove the non-horse-head bits.


Just put a bird on it.


I see people fucking.

(What? Don’t you? Look, it’s right there!)


Guys, I think the anatomy might be a tad suspect.