Would you put a $300,000 glass sculpture on the hood of your car?


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No, no I would not.


Depending on where you live, it’s possible that you wouldn’t even be allowed to put them on the hood of your car.

(It’s not just concerns about theft that’s behind the Spirit of Ecstasy retracting on modern Rolls-Royces.)



I had a high school buddy who drove a really, really elderly Mercedes. He stopped at a red light once and ordered us out because the hood ornament was turned sideways, so he couldn’t see it. He asked himself how many human lives that ornament was worth, but we all knew the questions was rhetorical.


Would you put a $300,000 glass sculpture on the hood of your car?

Would it match my trucknutz?


If we had the money, my wife would want too sporty of a car to have this option and I would just hire a driver and never think twice about it.


Sculpted glass trucknutz. You may be on to something here.




I thought the Mercedes ornament was pedestrian crosshairs.


You beat me to that one. By seconds.


Ninja skills.



If I was a billionaire for Bernie and I added this little tee shirt.


back when I was in jr. high/high school, I pretty much ALWAYS turned mercedes and caddy hood ornaments sideways. now I drive a CLK 430 convertible.

maybe if I teach my kid to turn the ornaments, I can still save my soul?


Would you put a $300,000 glass sculpture on the hood of your car?

If I had nothing better to do with that much cash, then yes. Assuming it would look good on this car, of course.


Well, if I’d been involved in a madcap scheme involving aunts, engagements and stolen notebooks, maybe…






No, but I’d consider a laser-scanned, 3D-printed, hand-sanded replica.


The Baltimore Museum of Art has a number of these on display, and they’re absolutely awesome.