What happens if you try to steal a Rolls-Royce hood ornament?


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That’s what you get, riff-raff, for trying to touch my automobile’s hood adornment with your filthy plebeian hands.


I can think of plenty of ways to defeat that mechanism. More of an anti drunk asshole device I’d say.


Oh man, I’m going to do that to every Rolls I see now.


Kind of like a turtle pulling in its head…anyways, remember when hood ornaments were worth stealing because they A: didn’t look retarded, and B: had rare-ish metals in them, as a testament to their companies’ engineering skill etc?
And so of course, cheap cars had cheap hood ornaments…

And I believe a battery powered angle grinder could just cut that whole mechanism right out of the car?



That needs to be standard equipment on all vehicles…


I feel safer already.



Like the car that parked a street away from me when I was a kid that said ‘step away from the vehicle’ in a robot voice whenever its motion sensor was tripped. Guess who tapped it every time I walked past?


Also known as “Silver Surfer’s girlfriend.”


When someone steals the hood ornament off my 1986 Hyundai Excel, I follow them home and try to give them the rest of the car.


You can get a similar effect from Rolls Royce owners by pushing them into a cold pool.


Duh! There’s pretty much nothing a battery powered angle grinder can’t do.


That’s a neat little side effect of the mechanism that they use to retract the spirit when driving.

Of course they had to install the mechanism or lose the iconic statue, because it turns out that those things are great at harming people in a collision.


Isn’t this the 2nd time BB has posted this story? Wow, that ad revenue we complain about must be paying off if the editors are so concerned about RR hood ornaments.

More power to them.


A high school friend had a Bentley, and the ornament was pretty hard to steal even then. I think it was attached with a steel spring or something.

(Correction - his father’s car.)


I had one of those at an apartment building I lived in. The thing would go off, “I have been tampered with! I have been TAMPERED WITH!” [BooEEEEBooEEEEBooEEEEBooEEEE], repeating for several minutes.

Of course, the guy parked it on the opposite side from where he lived (and on the side where I lived).

When his vehicle finally was “tampered with,” no one did anything about it, including himself since he parked it away from his apartment and couldn’t hear it.


Now I want to lasso one and see how much force is required to keep it from tucking itself in.

For Science…


THIS is the real Silver Surfer…