How much is that baby in the window? Around $80,000 to $120,000


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I know some parents who would sell much lower.

I ked, I ked.


I have 16 year old I will pay you to take… :smile:


I thought that this was going to be a story about celebrity adoption and surrogacy.




Ugly baby

From a distance, I suppose it’s possible… but you’d think the complete lack of y’know, movement would be a big clue…


Ew. Its hair is kinda… Trumpy.



It’s kinda hideous-looking, to be frank.


I saw a Hanson exhibit when I was young, and his work at the time seemed hit or miss. There was a sculpture of a beachgoer in a lawn chair that was right on the money, but another early one felt more like a JCPenney mannequin.
An early janitor sculpture did have me faked out for a few seconds, because the museum staff placed him away from the exhibit, over by the elevator bank. I even asked it where the restroom was.


360p? really?

Seems like an art gallery would produce higher resolution stuff.


I prefer Ron Mueck:


Beat me to it.

If I’m going to buy a baby, I want a giant baby.


A sleeping baby… is concerning New Yorkers…

Oh, good they remembered to say they’re concerned. You know, concerned that somebody might be offended, or upset, or whatever repressed emotion we’re afraid of today.

Back when I was a kid, New Yorkers were tough.


SFMOMA has a creepy Duane Hanson sculpture of a policeman. From a distance it’s incredibly lifelike.


It is somewhat hideous; but that doesn’t do much to exclude the possibility of it being a real baby.


Luckily the one ring makes its wearer largely invisible.


Fair point; there are some unattractive babies out there. (That saying that ‘all babies are cute!’ is just a sugar-coated fallacy someone made up…)

Though a quick google image search shows that ugly baby dolls really up the damn ante on unattractiveness:



Sell? I know parents who would PAY YOU to take them.


I’ll have to see if I can get financing for one of them. Given all the advantages that my child-rearing co-workers get over and above myself, I think it would be a wise investment.


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