Skull Walker: a scuttling skull-creature


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I got a pro-Trump pop-up ad when I watched the video. Nice touch.


Awwww. Who’s a widdle nightmare? You are! Yes you are! You’re the widdle ittlest nightmare in the whole wide world! Ah woogie oogie ooo!


I had hoped this would be a newly discovered organism, not an artificial construct.

Yes, I confess I am disappointed.


Mine stopped walking after “the surgery” : (



Needs claws.


This is oddly familiar. Where did I see something like this? I can’t remember. Maybe in a video game.


Toy Story maybe?



Man, Skynet is building weirder and weirder Roombas. It’s almost as though it doesn’t like us anymore.


Can we make this a Scott Skull Walker?


Nope. Pretty sure it was a monster you fight in a video game, but I may be conflating various things. Maybe one of Anton Arcane’s un-men in the early Swamp Thing comics.


Was it Sinistar?


My God!

Look what came up in related videos:


My mental soundtrack for that was: I think I can kill, I think I can kill


Because even necromancers require cute pets.


Doom 3?


Well, Thomas the shinkansen wouldn’t be very interesting.
Monday. Ran trains. Left and arrived on time. Four times.
Rest of week: see Monday
Rest of year: see last week.


This made me remember “The Skull”, a flying skull flick from Amicus that had absolutely no right to be as creepy as it was (even given that the wires were visible). Of course, it always helps to have Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in a Robert Bloch story, so…