You are a horrifying amorphous alien blob in this gruesome game


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What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

A little makeup and a little marketing and you’re good!


Shut up and take my money.



Horrifying? I think it’s kinda cute.


This looks deeply compelling; though “Carrion” seems odd when the fact that your meat food is still moving and emitting mouth noises as you engulf it is so thematically vital.

I would have gone with “The Way of All Flesh”. (Doubly so if there is a secret level where you resolve Victorian sectarian tensions in a glorious union of undulating biomass and clotted gore; but that’s probably too much to hope for)


Just from the title I thought the story would be about Trump.


this looks like the coolest game that ever was played on a 486/dx2

read: awesome


What is this, unicorn sperm?


All this ‘horrifying amorphous alien’ blather is pretty xenophobic if you ask me.


That’s what people are always telling me /hides tears


Beautiful animation. Reminds me of Rain World.


It’s called “Trump Simulator”.


This looks fantastic! (Also playing “Prey” atm; those mimic blob things are horrifying…)

I love scifi horror, man. Love it.


Anyone played Inside?
Sequel to Limbo.
The ending of inside is terrifying.


Zantar is a gelatinous cube that eats warriors in a village.

If you eat a chieftain, you go up a level.

Beauty is, you can’t get to the next level, kids keep coughing up quarters.


What beautiful graphics.


Reminds me of the Harlan Ellison story “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.”


No thanks, I already played Leisure Suit Larry.


My first thought when looking at this was about how therapeutic it would be to play.

Stephen King famously argued for writing and reading horror fiction (/movies/games/etc) because you have to feed the alligators in your brain. “It keeps them down there and me up here.”