Skulls and bones with magnifying-glass-burned "tattoos"


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If you enjoy sun+magnifying glass based artworks, check out the exceedingly awesome Solar Totems by Charles Sowers in Glen Park, San Francisco:
Each day the sun’s path in burned into a line on a holllowed-out log. The lens moves up an inch or so each day. In previous lines, you can see the length of the days, and which days were sunny or clouds. Solstices and eclipses are marked on last year’s log.


Are they vegan? Asking for a friend…


I guess maybe I liked them better before I read what he said about them.
But it is a little hard to tell.


I can’t get over what that process must smell like…


Disclaimer: No ants were harmed in the production of these skulls.

(Not that we didn’t think about it.)


Lacking much artistic talent myself, I am always fascinated by those who do. This is very cool.


Sadly, far too many visual artists make very poor and inarticulate writers. When asked to talk about what they do, many of them produce an unreadable word salad infested with jargon from the postmodernist art criticism they were forced to read in art school.

Similar to the rule that you should never listen to your favourite actor be interviewed because you’ll discover that they’re not nearly as interesting off the stage as they are on it, it’s usually far better to not listen to artists talk about their art.


I don’t think too much of these works.
And somewhat less after hearing what he had to say.
I kinda’ made a little joke.

I’m a painter myself.
I may take slight offence to your statement.
Or… I may not.


On first glance at the headline, I was expecting a story about gruesome hazing practices at Yale…


There is a lovely Master Class programme with Michael Caine talking to young actors. His advice was basically never turn down a paying gig and, when it comes time to deliver a line, look down at the floor, pause for a moment, and then say your line; this has the double effect of making your character look deep, and giving you extra screen time. :smiley: That’s quality acting, none of this self-torturing method stuff.


“What’s my motivation for this scene?”

“The swimming pool in your second mansion in the south of France leaks”.


Didn’t know this artist.


When people ask me if I have any tattoos, I always say “Yeah, but they’re internal.”




Is this his own brand?


Now I’m imagining the Mari Lwyd decorated this way. If you ask me, nothing get kids into the holiday spirit like bringing a decorated horse skull with eyeballs glued to it into the house.


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