War photo negatives sunburned onto skin in 'Illustrated People'

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I like the effect. I wonder if it could be adapted for tattooing. Like, the one of the people kissing, seems like you could trace the dark areas with pen and indicate those are for filling in, then fill in the lines. The only downside is - ouch! But tattooing seems ouchy anyway.

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Oh, no. Feels gooood.

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I hope the models don’t get cancer from this art piece.


Agreed. Also, I hope no one gets cancer, ever.

As someone who spends not insignificant amounts of energy to avoid getting sunburned, doing so intentionally seems irresponsible at best.


Yeah, this seems like an ethical violation for any artist.

It’s a pretty mild sunburn, as far as sunburns go. I got worse from welding.

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