Skyward Sword looks amazing on Dolphin


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This is probably common knowledge now but there is a Wii/Gamecube emulator called Dolphin which allows players to make their games prettier and run at higher resolutions. It’s actually the first emulator that produces quality better than the actual console.
(Image 1, Image 2)
I have heard there are some graphical issues (artifacting) and an impassable bug which crashes the game, but Dolphin sure makes Skyward Sword look nice.
(Image 3)
Wow, I mean just look at that! I won’t be able to post too many high-resolution pics, as they’ll kill my bandwidth, but I’ll do at least one direct comparison.
(Image 4)
Here is one between Link on Dolphin and Link on the Wii. Man oh man, I wish Nintendo would make a 1080p console already.
(Image 5 and 6)

Direct comparison between Dolphin/Wii (Dolphin first, Wii second)

Download Dolphin here:

I pasted the images so that Discourse would download the images and serve them from their CDN, just in case we kill their site.

Not necessary since the forum will automatically download remote images and convert them to local for you, in a background process. @zogstrip wrote it.

Also pasting images is not ideal since pastes come through as PNG which is lossless and can be unnecessarily huge on photo type images. Better to just link the remote images and let Discourse work its magic to make things awesome for you.

(Pasting in images only works in Chrome and Firefox for arcane technical reasons. We had talked about a process that takes the pasted images and tries both png and jpg, letting the smaller resulting file “win”, but it gets complicated.)

Emulators for earlier consoles can apply filters to make things look better (for some definitions of better). They don’t have as much to work with though.


You misunderstand - I was trying to say that I was triggering that code on purpose.

And I did link them. Note that they’re all lightboxes.

Indeed my mistake. What threw me off is that some of them are pngs for no good reason, seemingly at random.

Can you adjust the annoyingness levels of Fi?

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Is THAT why I keep getting notifications that Discourse has edited my pics? I thought it was telling me off for doing stuff wrong (I was all like, ‘Meh. Whatever’ anyways cos I’m a rebel).

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