Slam poet explains sexual consent

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What the fuck is this guy even talking about?

Well, for one thing, he’s talking (most beautifully) about what a problem it is that a lot of guys can’t seem to figure out just what “consent” means. Let alone why it’s important.


About 80% of the way through the video something happened to me. I flipped from simply observing to being completely in the moment with him, hearing his words and his rhythm and his passion for the subject and his brilliant use of the right word at the right moment; the right pause; the metaphor, the gesture. And suddenly I found myself hoping he was in front of a huge crowd, an enormous crowd, because I wanted – needed – to hear thunderous applause for him at the end.

It’s possible that I just become a fan of the art form.


Welcome aboard! There’s TONS of greatness in this form.

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If you don’t understand but want to, you should ask more politely.

If you don’t understand and don’t want to, you shouldn’t bother asking.


I don’t understand your question. What are you having trouble with?

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Well, it is true that it’s a wide open target for satire. Like any other genre.

Guante has done some really nice pieces about this sort of thing. One of my favorites is this poem called “Action,” describing how we are all responsible for standing up and opposing the culture that is at the root of sexual violence. He describes his own experience with not doing so, and the guilt that followed. If you have a chance, give it a listen!


This is the bit that made me notice slam poetry…


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