Slap Kirk


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Eh, it overloads my crappy internet and runs at about 1 FPS. But the music is great!


Hmm, a bit violent for me, at least this early in the morning.

I’m waiting for the game version of this to come out!


after I immediately entered, but I was disappoint



A modern version of the long-gone “Punch Captain Kirk” / “Punch John Tesh” websites.



I’d pay serious money to play a Donald Trump version of this.


Was about to request that.


I’d never stop slapping him.



I thought I had a loading issue too until I realized it was waiting for me to control the slaps by moving the cursor left and right.

10 slaps/second is about all i can manage.


The bouncing toupée really makes that gif.


You know what else we could have slapped him with?


That was fun.

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