The Slap


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Not even one good right cross?

The blond girl reminds me a lot of Elisha Cuthbert, but she wasn’t in the credits. Haley Osmont was though - wierd cameo.

Actually… About 2:53 or so a girl gets a good punch in.


Also… The first rule of slap club is, you don’t talk about slap club.



Definitely falls under the category of “really damn jealous I didn’t think of the idea first”. Excellent send-up of the kiss video


I just love this! Seriously, good job.

This counts as a Unicorn Chaser yeah? Because now I’m seeing rainbows everywhere!

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It was great when people actually seemed to enjoy being slapped and then asked for more. It can be a great adrenaline boost and actually feel good. Why do you think so many people like kinky sex involving being hit or flogged? :smile:

Okay, this was very cool.

Btw, BoingBoing, could you make the experience of watching a video on mobile a touch more annoying? Having to click four times isn’t quite obnoxious enough…

…and afterwards, everyone got arrested for domestic violence.

These all look like perfectly reasonable – if often a bit annoyingly hipsterish – people, so it’s not terribly surprising how nice they are to each other about it.

I’d be interested to see what would happen if you put them in the same situation, but made each wear a label that distills them down to their opinions on issues that are likely to cause disagreement. What happens when an actual scientist is given the chance to slap an anti-vac practicioner of holistic medicine? What happens when a lesbian in a long-term relationship is given the opportunity to slap an anti-gay-marriage fundamentalist?

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For our next video, we will be using bags full of oranges / bars of soap in socks.

Pick your weapon and hit anywhere the bruises won’t show.

Isn’t the point of the bag of oranges that it bruises disproportionately to the amount of pain inflicted? Or did Jim Thompson make that up for The Grifters?

A satchel of apples, then? :wink:

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