”Slash Resistant” portable safe easily slashed, by the Lockpicking Lawyer

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I’d guess that its fabric would have to be made of Kevlar or embed some steel cable in order to have at least some slash resistance. That said, the simple 3-dial combination lock is very weak security regardless of the construction of the case.


I guess it’s some group of pickpockets who bransched out into selling easily lootable gear. Double the fun, double the profit if you both sell the gear and steal from the buyers.


It’s one of those things made to keep honest people honest. But yeah, why advertise as slash proof?


@beschizza, did you try this on your safe before calling the locksmith?


Overheated ad-copy not accurate? Say it isn’t so!

(I expect to see this on the BoingBoing store very very shortly)


Something attempting to keep people honest would not have “SAFE” written prominently on its face.

That exterior material looks just like gray RipStop nylon, which is not even slightly slash-proof. My original thought was that this was for use in places where pickpockets commonly cut into bags, but the product packaging makes it look like you’re supposed to be able to leave this unattended and it somehow keeps your belongings safe? And I guess the bag designers were like, “this is an almost impossible task, so let’s not even try.”

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“It’s almost worthless as a security device,” he says, slicing through it like a cucumber.

Pretty sure he could cut it with a cucumber


I’m sure that the lock is a horrorshow all its own; but seeing this disaster does make me curious as to, if one absolutely needed a soft bag rather than an armored box and didn’t care about hitting “Amazon’s Choice” price points; what would be the best option for cut resistance in fibers or reasonably flexible fiber composites?

My layman’s understanding is that, while some fibers certainly fare better than others(and this can make a huge difference in terms of, say, not needing skin grafts after skidding across pavement at igh speeds), finding a material that can resist the full force applied by a knife, as concentrated along the cutting edge against one little strand after another, is not an easy task.

You can get stupidly good tensile strength from fibers, ropes, and textiles of the right formulation; but even objects that depend on that(like ballistic armor without armor plate inserts) generally cuts OK.

My back-of-napkin-spitballing would be to go to the vendor of the steel reinforcement wire/mesh stuff that they use in tires; and to go as thick as stiffness constraints would allow in a composite material; but that’s just the uninformed speculation of an internet fungus.


That was truly embarrassing.

I also think that this may have been a deliberate subtle advertising for the EDC knife that he places an affiliate link to right under the video. But I don’t really care, I love the Lock Picking Lawyer.


I want to like LPL, I really do. But using the term “EDC” for a “tactical” knife like that makes me feel like he’s probably a douche.

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I guess they replaced the original ‘chainmail’ with ‘ripstop nylon’ on the spec sheet for the production run after printing the “slash resistant” banners and ads…

Probably also saves on weight :slight_smile:

I almost did this myself! Haha.


It looks like basically a lunch bag. Though with how easily he sliced it open, it reminds me I need to go sharpen my knife.

I think he was literally preempting the 1001 questions about “What knife is that?” that he know would flood the comments.

Though the link he provides shows it isn’t available on Amazon right now. So if it was a ploy, he either goofed up, or sold them out.

I did find it on another site, let’s look at - choke. Man, I shoulda been a lawyer :confused:

$250 bucks. I’ll keep my CRKT which looks very similar, but IIRC was 1/5th the price.

But for those curious, here is a link.



That’s exactly what he says he is doing! Your thinking is right!


I have a black CRKT as well that i like, though it’s been dull for a while and i’ve been wanting to get it sharpened. It was a gift from a friend so i am fond of it (i just moved though so i don’t know where it is atm so i cant tell you what model it is). However i did buy myself another knife months ago that i’ve been using, i liked the unusual look of it and i’ve also been enjoying using it. Lowkey would love to customize the handles with a really pretty wood but it’s currently low on my priority list. It’s a CRKT Ripsnort


What I meant was that the genesis for the whole video may have been inspired, in part, by showing off the knife and the affiliate link. The only reason he’d get the “1001 questions” was because he himself posted the video.

But again, it’s also just the kind of video he’d post. I have no problem with it. But the fact that the knife sold out on Amazon almost immediately (comments on YouTube confirm that it was in stock and then an hour or so later it was no longer) means that it was some nice dovetailing with the fact the the LPL probably also earns a living with these videos.


I don’t particularly mind, though i do think that there’s a particular brand of person that likes to call things they use as EDC. I don’t know if i would call it douchey or pretentious but it certainly comes across as such. I’ve watched enough LPL that i don’t get much of a douche or pretentious vibe from him at all though that’s just my subjective view :slight_smile:

A youtubing lawyer? What are the odds that confluence of factors could be douchy?


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