Back-to-school must-have: pink bullet-proof backpack

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Most kids have enough books in their bag to stop at least a .45cal round!

And those spikes would just annoy, (unless they have a curare-coated option? :slight_smile:


Sell the fear!! All it needs is something to stop the evil vaccines and it’s ready to go!


I know mine does cause he does not want to mess with his locker.


“The book was better…”

Tactical fashion. The only kind of fashion that’s interesting. More of that, please!

Here you go

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…I wonder how good the bulletproof lab coat would be against shrapnels of “self-disassembling” lab setups…


There is a maker, I want to say in Brazil, that makes bullet proof trench coats. Almost a lab coat. I looked into it for my then wife, but they are very expensive. Its basically tailored clothing prices + kevlar.

Here it is - he’s from Columbia.


Damn it, I knew I should’ve waited to buy my new backpack.


… Pretty sure those hat disks would get your kid expelled from school under zero tolerance policies.

The models don’t look like drug dealers…

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My classmate to whom I bartered schoolwork for protection used a heavy bunch of keys on a chain.

There’s a lot of ordinary objects that can be repurposed into weapons.


It’s not really all that good against a .357 round – 39 mm deflection into a clay backing. That’s gonna leave a mark!

Probably far better for self-disassembling glassware, but be sure to wear your eye protection.

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[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:64128”]“Just attach the thick, quarter-sized aluminum disc to the back of your baseball-style cap. Whip your cap off and fight back with the Strike Spike’s short but ultra-sharp spikes. Or wear it on your watch band so you can strike an assailant before he even gets a chance.”[/quote]This cries out for a demonstration video, as I have great difficulty understanding how any such maneuvers would function in a combat situation.

The video, of course, would not possibly be complete without dramatic music and the destruction of several watermelons.

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That is all fine and dandy, but the keys have a main intended purpose other than smashing people in the face. Those disks do not serve another purpose other than as a weapon, and a fairly poor one at that.

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True. More dual-use version is needed.

shit, in my day you would just pick up the metal trash can by the teachers desk if you wanted to do some damage.

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You feel safe now, little girl? That backpack isn’t going to stop a terrorist’s bomb, is it?

Remember, if they have a uniform, its not “groping” :cry: its a Freedom Frisk! :smiley: