School superintendent arms students with rocks as protection against school shooters


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America, you are officially pathetic.


Oh come one, this is charming! They have a bucket of tactical rocks.


There isn’t a facepalm meme in existence that can convey the extent of my exasperation right now, so I’ll just say this is a yet another useless ass non-solution which will do nothing to fix the actual problem.



I really really like this idea if it can supplant the notion of arming teachers. Not that I think rocks will help much but that the chances of a teacher accidentally or even intentionally killing a child with a rock seems much lower than it would be if they had a gun.


It’s not the worst idea. Look at the positives:

  • They’re just rocks. Not guns, not knives, just rocks.
  • CHEAP. The only real expense is the buckets. And if they change their mind, they still have the buckets for other uses.
  • No maintenance or training.
  • Let people feel less helpless. They might only have a rock, but they have something in their hands that gives them some feeling of control. “I might only have a rock, but dammit, I’m gonna throw it if he shows up!”
  • Doesn’t preclude or conflict with any other protections.

The down sides:

  • Each classroom has to find a place to put the bucket.
  • Theft/misuse of rocks.
  • Assault on students with rocks.


That sounds like a good idea only if the school shooter you’re expecting was Abel


Stoning of teacher who announces pop quiz in 5…4…


Good idea since the armed, trained, armored and paid deputy’s stationed at various schools will have run away seeking cover. These rocks will at lest provide some comfort to the students in the face of death. :trophy:


Do you want The Lottery? Because this is how you get The Lottery.


I bet the National Rock Association is behind this.


There is not enough sarcasm to fully express my frustration with this headline, and with the entire concept. Seriously? AR-15, meet rock. I think the battle will be brief. I guess this would be similar to the guy who calmly walked with his students into the gas chambers to keep them in good spirits to the end. Maybe make the helplessness of facing overwhelming evil a bit less terrifying? I don’t know. I just don’t know. Despair… :persevere:


Still pointing out that since attention is a motivator for a lot of school shooters, fining news orgs for printing the names the same way we fine them for showing breasts would probably put a dent in the (small, compared to overall gun violence) problem.

  • Training kids from a young age to get used to living in a prison
  • Telling America that schools are places of exclusion, not inclusion
  • Reminding kids that Handmaids Tale is a documentary


I guess we should be glad that the administration hasn’t realized that it’s possible to conceal a gun in the waistband of one’s pants.


Wow, this is genius. . .or no, wait. . . what’s the opposite of ‘genius’? That’s what it is.




They usually follow up with required uniforms on that excuse. And then teachers have to waste time, energy, and lose good will giving out detentions for failure to tuck in ones shirt.

This is a debate I grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s in NOLA.

And the problem with feminine hygiene products in clear/mesh bags.

It just makes kids feel increasingly humiliated about school.