Sleepovers get brutal in this pillow fighting game


Just as a point of note: In Nidhogg, the sword can also be used as a projectile. In pretty much the same way as this game, in fact.

Scenario: My brother and I are pillow fighting a bit too aggressively. One parental figure announces this should be stopped, the other proposes a different solution, ‘let them go’. My brother and I quickly realise that the underlying basis for our pillow fight was to draw attention to ourselves and garner some authoritative influence from the adults. Without said influence we are merely pelting one another with soft objects that do little harm to either of us. We realise the folly of our ways, stop fighting, stop even feeling aggression toward one another and an unexpected form of enlightenment was had. Scenario ends.

Similar to in a lot of ways. Just flat, on one level.

My friend got this on his PS4 and when I come over we usually play it. It his hella fun with 3 or 4 people against each other. Very fast paced with lots of “what the fuck just happened?” moments.

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