Slender Man costume


Slender Man is to Nietzsche as Wisconsin girls are to Leopold and Loeb. Discuss.

Take this, surveillance cameras!

Nah, when they arrest you, they’ll just force you into lycra pants, so they can identify you by your genitals.

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That’s not Slenderman, it’s just a guy in a black suit. Isn’t slenderman more… slender? Also about seven feet tall?

And has tentacles. And wears an actual suit, instead of a Lycra-printed picture of a suit.

But all of those things cost more than $45.

Seriously, they’re not even trying. I might believe they were sincere if they’d made even a half-assed attempt at the tentacles. As it is, this is less “Slenderman” and more “Shit, we overstocked on novelty suit-print body stockings!”

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I don’t think the tentacles were there, originally. I’m not sure if they’re non-canonical, or grew.

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