Skinjob suit for living Ken dolls


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


I’ve got to get one of these.

It’s for a friend.


(Adam Savage shows off his FlexDesign suit)

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Nice, but can you surf in it?


I puked in my mouth on that one.

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When will this objectification of men stop?


Oh neat, you could wear one of these and then a superhero costume over it to get that ‘straight from the page’ look, and then collapse in the middle of the convention from heat exhaustion.


How the hell do they classify that thing as “lean?”
I mean, that would put me squarely in the “disgusting blob” category, and I don’t want to be in that category.

Ah. I see.
I’ve gone and looked at the “Mega” suit and it appears that “lean” is on a relative (and not absolute) scale.
I feel slightly (but only just) better.

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I guess it’s also lean in the “no fat whatsoever” sense. I thought the same thing, though.

Also, WTF is going on between the abs and the hips there? It looks like the sculptor went too fast and accidentally ended the abs just below the ribcage, and then decided to just wing it until he was back in familiar territory.

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That’s not a skin suit, now THIS is a skin suit.


I’d like my unicorn now, please.


Judging from the bumps the original is chickens. I think unicorn one would be more expensive.

I think that for another $1000 you could have a liquid cooling thermal management system designed in. Or use small battery-powered fans for $10.

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I would post his cute little teddy bear, but ewww.


People need to wear it, and those people need to bend. Judge how it looks on, e.g. Adam Savage, not on how it looks alone.

Eat Mor Chicken?

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Gonna leave this here.

edit: fixed it!

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I wouldn’t mind having one like Weird Al had in “UHF.” Though I guess it would still look weird having chiseled abs wrapped around a rounded belly.

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