Printed buff superhero costume workout outfits


Apparently the pictured one is for people who want to imitate the Tooth Fairy from Red Dragon, but don’t want the pain or expense of getting a full-body tattoo.


These are fantastic, but I am assuming they are out of my price range.

Anyone who came to my gym wearing these would be thrashed within an inch of their breathable yoga pants


Three-hundred-and-twenty-nine US bucks for their cheetah-print costume! Yeah, out of mine, too.

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Oh now, you’re just being a tease.


You’d have to want to look cool really really badly to pay those prices, but at least they are made out of appropriate fabric. I’ve lost track of how many cool outfits supposedly for running I’ve seen made in 100% cotton.

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Kull wahad! No stillsuit.

That head band scissors with the voodoo doll suit reminds me of one of my favorite bits by the Amazing Johnathan featuring Psychic Tanya (or in this case, Psychic Sandra).

Carlos, so kinky.

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Slim Goodbody?

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Who designed that website to be as horrible an experience as possible, and why?

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