$10,000 robot leggings


Shameless on-topic self-promotion: Self pubbed a short story about an amputee who comissioned custom steampunk brass legs and the relationship between her and the woman that created them. These leggings look pretty much like I imagined in my minds eye.

Smashwords link, if anyone is interested. Less Of Her

Those are amazing. Totally not worth the price, of course, but pretty amazing. I’d love to see what the Internet cooks up in 3D printed fashion along these lines…

The gold ones remind me of Joan River’s character from Spaceballs.

Needs a Virgin Alarm to go with them.


Didn’t click through, so help me out, plz – Are the $10,000 pair in the headline just hum-drum fashion fun for the high income set, while the $100,000 pair in the post body are for audiophiles?

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The all black ones would be right at home on Soulcatcher from the Black Company series.

Note that they’ll likely be a pain to launder.

Are they dishwasher-safe?

Any decent armorer can knock these out for you for less.

Guys, these aren’t the leggings you’re looking for.


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