Historically accurate leggings based on medieval armor


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If I ever met someone wearing a piece like this, she and I… Would immediately book plane tickets for the Met and London museum. Like, I hope you have your passport on you, cuz we are gonna nerd the carp out.

I am not joking.


This is what Tony Stark’s longjohns look like.


medieval underoos


I could use that fanny pack cod piece, but the chastity belt G-string was a bit much.


Now that the campaign has reached its stretch goals,

I see what you did there.


Regrettably, of everyone in our gamer group who would geek out over this, a grand total of 3 could possibly wear any of the leggings. The rest of us, well… the stretch goals are going to have to be highly elastic.


As an intellectual exercise, what lasts longer?
Armor designed leggings?
Or armor?

Make or get ye some armor, it’s fun! I guarantee you won’t regret either.


I like the scudamore bodysuit.

Not sure about the scudamore leggings–

The vertical stripe element is a little weird.


Ooh I haven’t seeen the second part yet.
Must get around to that sometime.


The leggings remind me of Jack Kirby’s costume design for Enchantress.


Answers the question, “What can you do in these leggings that you can’t do in actual armor?”

Well, maybe you can. I sure as hell couldn’t even if I were wearing these leggings.


What if they don’t want to go immediately? Or do you carry chloroform in your satchel too?

While in London, be sure to check out the Wallace Collection, which is a relatively small museum, but has some great arms and armor shoved into the small space.


Also - are these things in mens sizes? I wonder how they would look in ren garb - if it is good enough to create an illusion? I SHOULD be wearing tights with my outfit, but usually have baggy “pirate” pants.


I can’t do that naked, much less in anything else.


I plead a fifth.


REASON FOR RETURN: Item was only AC 10.


I’m so LARPing in these.


Was that an intentional fish pun? I can’t tell anymore.


I am trying to tame my colorful tongue, so I chose carp as my new expletive of choice. :fish::whale2::fish::whale2:


Do they make them for guys?