Deadpool leggings


Why would they use a misaligned pair for the product photos?


That was my thought exactly. If they can’t find a proper pair for promotion I’d hate to see how the rest of the leggings look.


Also, it is spelled Mononoke (no a)

Perhaps it is a case of framing lowered expectations – if they see a slightly misaligned pair in the catalog, then they might not complain when they receive a really messed-up pair.


Only $35. If you want better quality in your garments, you have to spend more money. More off-putting is the twig they put the leggings on. This is a personal quirk, though. I’d much rather see athletic models used for such products.

Also, do not wear to airport. TSA agents are not paid to distinguish between printed weaponry and three dimensional objects that can be used as weapons.


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