New York Times feature about butts


Just trying to join the trend on Twitter.

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Kardashian’s butt leaves me icy indifferent

insert pic of movie theater marquee from Idiocracy

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Apparently Americans like big butts, but for many years have been able to lie about it. . .


Police are merely caught up in the zeitgeist…
WATCH: authorities obsessed with inspecting people’s anuses - Boing Boing


It feels sad knowing that the woman featured is apparently world famous only for her butt-selfies. To be well known because of your attractive anatomy; OTOH Arnie rocked that one note flute all the way to the Ca. governors office.

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The NYT is always like 5 years behind the curve (so to speak). Butts are nice n’ all, but the cool thing now is sexy necks.

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It isn’t all about superficiality… They have practical applications as well:

Perhaps in the future we will all have prehensile cheeks.


Christ, what an ass.


did someone call?


OK, this seems as good a time and place to ask as any. What does one wear under leggings (or does one)?

Is it any of my business? Certainly not. Why do I want to know? Because I yam what I yam.

Daedalus said “sexy,” not “reptile.”

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Judging by the VPL I’ve seen around this university town, whatever damned Grannypants you got laying around. I will not wear leggings, but if I did, I would wear undergarments that eliminate VPL.

(VPL = Visible Panty Line)

Not speaking for anyone besides myself, but I wear my regular underwear, some might call them granny panties. Of course, I’m old (or perhaps modest) enough that I don’t wear leggings out of my house unless my top goes down to mid-thigh. I’m neither a fan of visible panty lines nor thongs, though I would suppose one could go commando if wanting to draw all possible attention to the ass region.

I’m near a university, and these trousers (with Uggs or similar) seem to be common winter wear. (I’m assuming they’re called “leggings” – maybe they are some sort of ski pants.) But no VPLs in sight, which led me to the question.

Consider yourself fortunate. Based on opacity, some variations of ‘leggings’ would better be described as ‘tights’, yet no skirt is evident. To bluntly answer your question: thong or commando would be possible correct answers.

[ed] @cleveremi: based on past comments made by my SO, the best way to avoid unwanted attention to your behind when wearing leggings is to wear a thong or go commando. Unless your leggings are on the opaque side, in which case, get your partially exposed butt home ASAP, and put the rest of your outfit on.

I think you mean translucent or sheer, not opaque.