Slip 'N Slide is all sold out thanks to bored kids stuck at home


Or maybe he was a teenager or adult… Slip-n-slide is interesting in that it is safer for kids than adults! The box says 12 and under… and it’s hard to imagine that anyone older is literally at risk of breaking their neck! I wish I could find the home video of the father who ended up a quadriplegic… was in some kind of news documentary show and it’s stuck in my head ever since… I remember the slide looked perfectly normal… except he just laid there at the end and couldn’t move below the neck.
This link seems to be informative: slip-n-slide-dangerous-history

Yikes, I’d never heard about issues w/ it before.

my dad only gave us kids Lawn Darts to play with while running in and out of a sprinkler. whee! summer fun!

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'70s kid here. Dad gave us real lawn darts. How many by-the-rules games did you play before discovering it was way more fun to just throw them at each other?


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