History of the Slip 'N Slide


We had one with the hose missing so we used it in the rain.

We used it on grassy areas to avoid road rash.

You know how your palms sweat watching videos of high places? I have same reaction to road rash videos, except my testicles try to climb into my abdomen. Is this common?

Looks like they went some way toward inventing the water hoverboard too.

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Still want to get one of those 55 gallon drums of lube
and a roll of teflon coated fabric to see if I can break the sound barrier…

(I might be one step closer to my dream since my friend is now the quality manager for a company that makes lube)

Be aware that there is NO proper way to use a Slip and Slide for anyone over 12, more than 110pounds or over 5’ high. Kids with a lot of cartiledge left in ther necks ONLY:



Like me you will ignore the warning’s on the box. The only thing I did wrong was get my feet up a bit high and I was very surprised at how easily I hurt my neck. I considered it a warning and have never used it since. I’ve seen a TV news report where they showed a video of a man doing a very average slide which broke his neck.

Water Wiggle, the inspiration for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiE58Ri5axQ

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