This Australian slip 'n slide gets crazier every year

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Or perhaps…two collection pools with a ramp at the end of the first to launch into the second!


Half the fun of a slip’n’slide is the grass burns on your torso.


Best reason to own a sizeable piece of land.
Well, besides concerts (saw NOFX on a farm in upstate Florida back in the day).


Over a flaming pit!


How about orange jello instead?


I couldn’t think of a better use for jello.

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When i was a child my brother and i stumbled upon a condo under construction on a vacation day from school. Being a vacation day the site was empty and we decided to explore, and found a commercial 10" x 500" roll of commercial vinyl lino sitting out front. We were young and dumb and decided to roll it down the large hill the condo sat a top. it came unrolled as we pushed it. of course, we immediately thought slip and slide, and went home to get the dish soap and a couple of hoses and to enlist all the kids in the neighborhood. best day of slip and slide ever.

combined, all of us kids were not strong enough to roll the lino back up the steep hill though, so i’m sure the next day a bunch of confused construction workers were wondering how the roll of lino ended up at the bottom of the hill covered in soap.

kids. :slight_smile:


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