Crazy "Slip N Slide"-esque contraption made from clothesline and electric motor


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As a mom I cringe watching something like this.


Of course, in the Northern Hemisphere, the Slip and Slide will go in a clockwise motion… always.




That looks like good clean fun


It’s goon sack roulette, but with people!


Clothesline or a Hills Hoist?


Sliding on the “carpet” area looks fun.

Sliding off, not so much.


Why didn’t we think of doing that when I was a kid? All we did was use some big pieces of vinyl to extend the length of our regular old Slip-n-Slide. Man, going in crazy motorized circles would’ve been WAY more fun.


Wait, you featured this, but failed to include the video of this Australian hero with a flag cape going a bunch of rotations, before sliding off smooth as you like, grabbing a beer while doing a backward tumble and taking a big swig, without ever spilling a drop? Poor form, Pes, poor form.


I understand usage of the Slip N Slide was associated with severe neck injuries, which might explain why it doesn’t seem like I hear much about it anymore. (Or it might just be because I am outside of the target market.) In that regard this contraption seems both safer and more amusing.


Pesco, you’re on fire today!




Somehow, just by reading the headline, I knew this was gonna have happened in my country.



We had a rotary clothesline rig like that in our USA backyard from roughly 1961 to 1980-something. It probably didn’t come from Australia… more likely either a US knock-off, or my father built it. I had no idea it was an iconic Ozzie thing.


Looks to still be a going concern. Plenty of knock-offs too. Not sure how you think that this backyard torture device is safer though.


I was wondering about the inherent risk in the activities in these (this and the linked) video’s and how it seems there is a different attitude towards risk (involved in leisure activities) in different countries.

Is there such a difference? Am I correct in assuming Australia would be higher on this list then (for example)
the USA (accepting more risk)? What countries would be at the top, which at the bottom?



Nah, hold my beer…



It appears that you can start from a seated position in this case, and that it is the initial impact that has the greatest potential to cause damage in the stationary version.