Slipping in the polls, Sanders out fundraises them all

Yep. I give $10 a month to my favorite candidate. It’s automatic so I don’t have to think about it, and small enough that it doesn’t hurt, but it helps.


But he’s not actually “slipping in the polls.” If you actually go on 538 or RCP and look at the numbers, you would be baffled by the constant narrative of Sanders imminent demise. (Sub ten-percenters like Buttigieg are surging, of course.)


No, in fact, his poll numbers haven’t changed very much since he announced. Warren’s have gone up and Biden’s have gone down some. Obviously, it’s still early enough that there’s a lot of variability and undecidedness. It’s not clear that Mayor Pete has gotten much of a surge, though he has been pretty effective at fundraising.

Warren has been heavily focused on the early-voting states, and that strategy seems to be paying off for her.


Doesn’t aggregate national primary polls at this point. And has only recently begun putting up rough leaderboard style aggregates for the first 3 primary states.

As for RCP, Sanders has come down a couple of points in their polling average, but has fallen from 2nd place to 3rd in their aggregate. Hence the “slipping polls” story. Its probably more accurate to say he’s sitting still. He hasn’t lost a lot, but he certainly isn’t increasing his support.

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So you meet the minimum qualifications.


I hate to say this, but if we elect anyone born before about 1960 or so we are toast. It is time for Gen X and the Millennials to take the reigns; and for the Boomers to accept their retirement.

Time after time and time again, it just has been shown that Boomers are just not capable of running things. They don’t have the ability to envision a future after their demise, and not go for the short term win at the expense of those of us who will still be here in 20 or 50 years. It’s not their fault, they were told that the end of the world would happen during their lifetime and there wasn’t anything they could do about it; and like any member of a apocalyptic cult who’s apocalypse doesn’t happen, they are mad and angry at the world for their continued existence.

Clinton was better than the alternative. Pelosi I wouldn’t give the time of day to. Warren says nice things but even she is compromised. While I don’t think Sanders knew it or worked with them, his popularity was manipulated by the Russians as well to sow division.

We need people who will either walk the fire with us or see the promised land to lead us now; not those who’s personal stakes in Climate Change are low because they will die before the suck really starts (and who are too dumb to see that the suck has already begun).

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We’ve had 4 Boomer Presidents, all but one of whom was born in 1946, and only one President who fits your post 1960 requirement. I’d love a progressive and a Gen Xer/Millennial, but I’ll take the former over the latter if I have to choose betwixt them.

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As others here have said, “This certainly helps demonstrate how little the numbers we use to forecast election results really mean” is not quite right. Different numbers mean different things with hefty error margins. Polls indicate what they say they indicate. Fundraising indicates something else. If those very enthusiastic Sanders supporters could spread their enthusiasm to others, maybe the poll numbers would show it. Just complaining and voicing grievances, however justified, isn’t convincing, though. Spread the good news (as it were) and be ready to respond in a positive enthusiastic way.

I don’t assume all the non-old, non-white choices are wrong, I use my judgment and intelligence to determine that they are all wrong. Only Sanders truly understands who the enemies of freedom and prosperity are, and has the moral courage to stand up against them.


Agreed. Really if you want to demonstrate a difference, tell me how many are new donors and how many are repeat donors.


Sorry to say I believe that the DNC will choose Biden over Bernie, regardless of primary outcomes.

Nah. Just a better class of 'em.

No candidate has ever won a majority of the delegates but lost the nomination.

The way for a candidate to be sure to win an election is to win the election.


This doesn’t sound cult-like at all!


I truly hope you’re being at least a little intentionally silly here.

If you donated multiple times to a campaign doesn’t it follow that you’re pretty darn likely to vote for that candidate? I think Sanders has a whole lot of votes locked in, but the polls aren’t showing this. Ultimately we’ll know how this is going next February, and Super Tuesday next March will be when we can say with some confidence if Bernie has a chance or not.

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