is an addictive mutiplayer snake game


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TSA lines grow to 3 hours, snake outside the terminals, with no end in sight

Also, please provide mailing address where I can seek reimbursement for time lost / to be lost to this game.



I would make one minor tweak to this addictive game. When you die, it should make (let?) you watch for 5 to 10 seconds as others scavenge your remains.

#4 2: the snakening: bendytron: redux


Does anyone else seem to suffer from lag when you get to about 6000? It seems to get much choppier for me at about that point. Sad!


A little, but when I’m at about 10k. Really sad when it pauses only to recover just as you burst into a glowing shower…

Current PB is 16K


yay I got 11k


21xxx and ran into someone’s ass that looked like mine

OOOOhh 43xxx, #1 on the board, and I knew what it was to be a lumbering sandworm for 20 minutes.



10,600. I agree that it would be nice to be able to see our glowing remains being devoured after we die; great cycle of life and all that.



Note that unlike traditional Snake games, running into your own tail doesn’t kill you.


33k and way too much time wasted.


18276.3… curse you for revealing this to me Beschizza.


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