How to become the biggest worm in

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I think I’ve killed Don’t Tread!

Step 1: Accept that is a game where the concept of "live and let live"
is not tolerated for long.
Step 2: Be a bigger dick than everybody else.
Step 3: Integrate this lesson, even a little bit, into your personality.
Step 4: Keep playing.


Crap. I missed the earlier post, but saw this one, and lost like six hours of worm-slither time, though on the plus side I hit 13233 and made the leaderboard.

Let me just say that my Live and Let Live philosophy was short-lived.


I do wish you had the option to watch folks fight over your disambiguated carcass a bit longer…


That would be really satisfying.

Also: 19328.8
I might need to stop playing this, I keep saying, and then not doing.

Also if you see a “FREE HUGS” rainbow worm, that’s probably me.


His advice is good if you want to get big fast, but being a cowardly scavenging weenie is more consistently successful. Once you get to about 8-10K from stealing snacks and just running around you can spend most of your time just chasing your own tail, ouroboros style, with occasional excursions if someone dies right near you, and in this way get to 30K or really whatever size you have the patience for. Boring, though.


I got to ~17,500 using these tactics. I tend to be “FLATWORM SLIM” or “RINGWORM BOB”

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I’ve taken to going into the middle of the fray while small, munching/scavenging up to about 5-6k which is pretty easy to get to quickly, then working my way out picking up a few k more on the way out, then surfing the edges once I’m 9k+. I don’t attack until the other worm makes the first move, which keeps the risk lower. It’s easier to encircle worms where there’s less density, and you can just keep picking things up. Still haven’t made it past 25k, though, since it gets boring and I eventually wind up going back in to engage.


Eventually, I just ran the border and ate other behemoths. It really slows down when you become a leviathan.


This is all good advice, but it’s also worth noting that most people get zapped (including myself here) because they get greedy or reckless and make poor judgment calls. So playing it safe really is the best strategy, but it’s boring and takes up a lot of time. So to break up the tedium, you have to make calculated risks and grab a certain share of orbs when you get the chance, but not get too greedy and lose it all.

I actually think this game offers some good lessons for how to succeed at life as well.


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