Slug mucus-like adhesive could be the next surgical glue


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“Slug Slime Inspires The Perfect Glue to Hold Together a Broken Heart”


Headline pulled from Siencealert dot com



made a glue similar to slug snot

Catch me around Winter when I have a head cold, I can make buckets of the stuff.


damn it, now what am I supposed to do with this 20,000 liters of sperm!?!



I heard this on the radio, but I don’t get it.
They said that a slug can bind to a wet leaf and a bird can’t pick it off.
It’s easy enough for a human to pick up a slug any time.

I think that maybe that part about the bird is maybe just in error.
Perhaps they mean that it’s way tough after it dries.
I’ll go with that. Dried slug slime is no joke.


“I for one welcome our slimy gastropod first aid kits.”


so… where’s the chicken wire?


Not just adhesive . . .



I guess it’s really none of my business what those guys are into.


First snail mucus beauty treatments, now slug mucus surgical adhesive, what’s next?


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