Slugs eat tiny hatchling birds


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Way to ruin slugs’ reputation, Boingboing! They’d worked their way almost up to the point where they got a date with a real live woman! What’s she going to say now when they ask her out? “Yes”? Come on!


Holy shit. One of the ugly memories of my childhood was checking on one of my dads birdhouses and finding no chicks but a pile of slugs in the nest. It was grotesque and baffling, and I never really understood what had happened. Nature is a motherfucker.


Never did like them slugs.
Now I know why.


Slugs are just doing their part to prevent a second rise of the dinosaurs. Mammals like ourselves should thank them!


Given how much brid poo I’ve cleaned up over the years,


So umm… how do they kill? Not blunt force trauma I hope!


“Predating”? Shouldn’t that be “preying”. Since it’s from a Uni in Poland the researcher may be ESL, so I’ll let it slide this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


GSWs, of course. They even said they were looking for the slugs to prove it.


you mean this is a reptile lie? you just destroyed my whole world view!


I’m glad you’re mature enough not to pour salt on the wound


I might feel worse for the birds if those slugs weren’t so darn cute.


I didn’t notice anything off about that sentence; but I also wasn’t sure if the word predate (as in predator) was recognized, or just something I’d heard. Had to look it up:



(Artist’s interpretation)

Some slugs are not what they seem.

This doesn’t mean we should take liberties.

Ted was neither fast nor furious.

(File photo: Accused of murderous behavior and maligned in the worldwide press, Ronald, a slug, says nothing, continues eating plant matter)


Thanks Beschizza…
I all ready disliked these slugs like,… how deep can somebody dislike these young and old plants and seedlings murdering slimy beings? (Litteraly caught thousands this year, don’t want to know how many escaped). I’m not fond of using the word ‘hate’ lightly, but wondering now. Nightmare stuff…


You don’t want to know…
But if; just look at a plant they just starting at. Grating, shaving, layer by layer.




Awesome. TIL!. I did look up “Predate” in a standard dictionary before I mouthed off to ensure it wasn’t something valid that I just wasn’t aware of. Good to know that it actually is. Thx.


Snailed It!


A new study suggests that the ominous background music often heard in slug documentaries correlates with viewers’ fearful and negative opinions of slugs.

Slugs: The Movie! Someone has seen that besides me!