Small gallery of DIY hazmat outfits

This is turning into a Jetsons like future where everybody gets around in space suits.


Meanwhile,in 2049:

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Of all the apocalypse survival superpowers shown in movies… who knew 10 Cloverfield Lane was going to get it right that fashion design was what you needed?

Too bad this isn’t one of those aliens where you either add or remove water to get rid of it. Or play annoying music.

Elderly couple wears coronavirus mask since February and says that Idea came up to protect his son, who works in the IT dept. of a hospital. The piece was made with floating pool noodles, acetate, elastic and fabric.



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That whale shark spot pattern on the wetsuit is perfect :laughing:

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Ummmmm, very nice!

We all have to work with the tools we have…

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Retired EMT here at the motel says that black garbage bags work, especially if you have to bag an infectious patient. He did not say to use them as body bags, unless it’s that loud guy upstairs.

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