Small stickers on the ground trick Tesla autopilot into steering into opposing traffic lane

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Yeah, they do that to my Uncle Leo too. Aunt Sadie always yells at him.


Robots don’t know what stickers are. They have never attached decals to anything. They don’t have the knowledge to drive a vehicle on a public road. They should be okay for rail type applications though. Closed environments.




“researchers paint fake line markings in the road and drivers follow them into oncoming traffic! News at 11”


Human drivers have the knowledge to sanity check road markings.


I just imagine thieves on weirdly painted dirt bikes rustling all the Tesla owners into the pen at Getaway Canyon …


Let’s be real, this is the level-2 driver assist system - basically adaptive cruise control and lanekeeping assist with lofty aspirations - that’s known for swerving into solid objects, running into immobile objects, driving under semis killing their drivers, and who industry insiders basically say will never safely rise beyond level two at best, and arguably isn’t safe now, is also unsafe because the system that’s already trivially confused by completely normal occurrences on the road is also easily fooled by putting fake markers on the road?

Well blow me down with a feather. I literally cannot express enough surprise for this completely unanticipated conclusion.


Fond thoughts of an ex-coworker who bragged about his purchase of the new Tesla model S; this was in 2012. Said he: “It’s an investment.” Paid close to $90K. Fond thoughts.


Who’s on that research team?


All this money going into self-driving private vehicles, maybe folks should just get over it and take the train if they don’t want to drive. And if there aren’t enough trains, send the money that way.


Uber and Lyft and every corporation that’s banking on driverless cars are going to be pissed.


Driverless cars that will work in any environment are a long way away, still.

We know that they hit dark skinned pedestrians more often than pale skinned pedestrians, they can be sent out of the right lane by a few light pieces of paper in the road, and there are a whole lot of other errors - no, the corporate heads who are pushing this are pushing themselves into well deserved legal nightmares.



Here’s what my gang and me do, see.
We put these little stickers on the road, see.
Then we steal all this, what they call data from the junk yard, (see).
But it’s like profiles, get me?
And we use these profiles to extort money from the crash survivors or their families.
Piece of cake.


To effect the remote steering attack, the researchers had to bypass several redundant layers of protection, but having done this, […]

This reminds me of the “unexpected acceleration” fervor with the Prius ten-ish years ago during which a news program was able to get a Prius to jam on the gas without touching the accelerator by merely wiring into the vehicle and simulating the signals that would normally be sent from the accelerator pedal.



Reminds me of a Kids in the Hall Sketch about trapping businessmen for their pelts/suits


To be fair, that study was pretty much nonsense, and based primarily on incorrect speculation about how self-driving cars work(Namely, assuming they use cameras and object recognition - a system only used by Tesla, and widely criticized in the industry) - any competently built self-driving car will be primarily using LIDAR or similar for object detection, not cameras, and LIDAR doesn’t see in colour. The colour of your skin will almost certainly have no influence on if you’ll be detected(or rather, not detected) and hit by a self-driving car.

Hell, one of the problems with LIDAR in Self driving cars right now, is that any inclement weather - rain, snow, sleet, what have you - basically acts like Chaff, and gives the system hundreds if not thousands of false returns, which the system can’t differentiate from real returns. If the LIDAR is picking up rain - which is not just colourless, but generally transparent - then you can be reasonably assured that it’s not going to be particularly bothered by the colour of your skin.

That said, You’re correct - Driverless cars that will work in any environment are a long way away. Arguably, we’re yet to actually construct a Self-driving car that’s Level 3 yet, even the most advanced examples built are still only at the high end of Level 2, and the ones that are available to consumers are at the low end of level 2. Even level 3 is likely to be years away yet. Level 4 and 5? Anyone who can give you a specific timeframe, or thinks they’re just around the corner, is either lying to you, selling you something, or both.


If he paid $90k that probably was a good investment. Musk’s self-driving idiocy aside, they’re clearly pretty cool cars, and I assume you can get regular “driver-assist”, which is awesome. My parents have it on their Subaru, and I’m jealous.

Yeah, no. I come across that scenario all the time. Road maintenance, re-laning, or some idiot who forget to turn the nozzles of when he pulled off for a smoke break. And there are definitely times, especially at night, when it’s a little challenging, even for me, to find the right lane marker on older roads.


Cars aren’t investments. Gas, diesel, steam, electric- doesn’t matter.