Smart high school student suspended for nerdy joke




I’m disgusted. They really should have caught those spelling errors.


If it’s anything like the yearbook crew I had in school, they’re probably responsible for most of those errors.


Hehhh, hehh,

She said Arsenic Sulfer,



Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium THAT.


Jesus what a bunch of Carbon Uranium Nitrogen Thallium Iodine Carbon Potassium Erbium Sulfur.


More school officials swatting down creativity before thinking about how it’s going to play in the real world.


Dare to make a silly if slightly crude (OH NOES!) joke and have your livelihood and educational future threatened. Good job, America.


I practically guarantee that the students slipped something far more vulgar into that yearbook than this… it just hasn’t been noticed by the administration yet. If not, I will have lost all respect for this generation.


Oh for fuck’s sake.


Just suspended? Let her be flogged and thrown in the oubilette. Smart, creative kids have no place in American schools.


Ultranium? Wasn’t that in Avatar?


It would be funnier if her name were Paris Green.


Another unsafe product from the Acme catalog.


As her mom said “nerd.”


In 1972 four friends of mine bought a page in the HS yearbook (Dallas, W. T. White and yes it was – people of color had to be imported) so that they could make some incomprehensible references to things that only they knew what the meaning of was. And, of course, a nonsense poem written on a scrap of ruled paper where the lines were at an angle. Which should have been the give-away considering these guys. If you actually looked at one of the lines, you could easily make out ‘DISD fucks shit’. This tragically went unnoticed until after the YB was distributed. For three of the guys, there was nothing the authorities could do, esp. since one had already dropped out to start college. However, for Tommy, they could deny him his scholarship. Poor Tommy. He was not able to go to that small Christian school and instead had to settle for MIT.


Probably disciplined for inciting students to acquire dangerous chemicals.


Disciplined for making authority figures look dumb…


That was Unobtainium.


Unobtainum is now an intellectual property owned by Oakley. I believe the implication is that you can’t obtain it unless you’re both tragically hip and prone to bad financial decisions.