Texas: 12-y-o Sikh kid arrested for "terrorism" over solar charger


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Armaan himself said classmate saw a battery pack wired into in his backpack and they exchanged wisecracks about it being a bomb. “I thought it was a joke, so I started laughing and he started laughing,” Armaan told the News. “The next thing you know, I’m reading with my friend, and police come in, grab me and take me outside.”

Jesus fuck.


And apparently the principal is enough of a dumbfuck to not know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim… cause 'murrica or something. sigh.
Also dear police why double the fuck down and charge the kid for having a solar panel charger that is fucking common enough now. Why not go oh crap sorry how do we make this up to you, and then go give talk to the asshole who thought it would be funny to say ‘bomb/terrorist’ and possibly charge that dickweed?


Thank you, I came here to say exactly this.


I look forward to seeing Richard Dawkins thoughtful criticisms of the kid.


C’mon, Texas… recognize the pattern and cut it off.


You call Dawkins kneecapping him with a cricket bat thoughtful? (I promise not to derail for at least 30 more minutes)


Well, the good thing is all his xmas presents will be paid of by the texans for the rest of his life.


Arlington Police say that Singh confessed to telling a fellow student that he had a bomb in his backpack.

Something is being left out here. It’s possible this kid was joking around and telling people it was bomb, probably because someone one else said it first.

Still a pretty extreme reaction by the authorities.


The Arlington Police are full of shit.


But here is the appropriate conversation:

Student, “I have a bomb.”
Teacher, “No you don’t, sit down and study.”

Electronics while brown has become a crime. It’s nuts.

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Well he was stealing the power of the sun… How would plants in Texas grow if officials don’t clamp down on rogue solar panels?.


You can’t be too careful when it comes to security.

Well, actually, you can be too careful. It’s easy to be too careful.

Absurdly careful, if you’re in Texas.


Precisely. Cops need to start coming down like the wrath of god on false reports because, oh I dunno, IT MAKES EVERYBODY MORE SCARED AND LESS TRUSTING OF THE POLICE. Not to mention the obvious resource tie up, disruption to everyone’s day, scaring the shit out of american civilians…

The dumbfuck who called this in needs to get whatever he was calling for this kid to get. That or jail and enforced ‘How to not be a dipshit to your fellow US Citizens’ classes.


Yeah, he must be sikh of if

(Tumbleweed crosses the screen)


Now, if the other students were good, don’t-tread-on-me Texans who actually had cohones, they would express their solidarity by all wearing the same backpack as Sarai did.

Y’know, like these guys did.

This is as much a story about bullying as it is about a corrupt police system. (Yeah, corrupt. As in ‘rotten’.)


Thing is, they didn’t evacuate the school. So none of the authorities thought the kid had a bomb, didn’t think any possible threat was real. This is pure intimidation.


Problem is they’re pushing “see something, say something” and they don’t want to discourage reports. That’s not a disaster as long as the next layer up has even the slightest common sense. The right response SHOULD have been “haha, no problem, go back to class”.


The situation reminds me of the article I read here sometime a while ago concerning how young black men in America had learned that their every action was being policed. No sudden movements, nothing that could in any way be interpreted by even the most racist, profiling filth as intimidating. Every single iota of body language trawled for threat by the overreaching public and their so-enabled pigs.

And now brown skinned children, inundated by racist’s attempts to implicate them in turrism, however tangentially, using hyper amplified, accusatory language, to which the authorities and authority figures expect them to react how? With the most inhuman forbearance, with no humour, no coping mechanisms, just the most impossible and staid, flat and careful denials. But not too strong a denial! That would rouse suspicions.

Fuck everything about this.

Drop the principal in the blinding public glare, sear the pigs who followed through, reform the courts which enabled this travesty.

Fuck everything about this.



White people being scared, therefore someone must have terrorised them. QED.