Smart little 11-month-old baby figures out a clever way to climb off this bed

But can he make a digital clock look like an explosive device out of a pencil box from Target? No?! Well then…clearly a dolt. The Spartan agoge for him!!!

Harry Junior was sobbing bitterly into his pillow. He was sick with disappointment. Even the most favorable extrapolation showed it would take him nineteen years to become master of the world. An eternity. Nineteen years!

–from Teething Ring by James Causey

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Be brave, little binky. If you survive, I’ll be right there after you. If you die, know you died for a good and beautiful cause, and we will celebrate your deeds for all time.

Dulce et decorum est, pro infans mori.


My daughter, as a toddler, somehow managed to get her hands on a lipstick that was on top of a bookshelf and (I thought) at least 3 feet out of her reach. Then she toddled out into the living room covered head to toe in bright red. I thought it was blood and screamed my head off.

The reach of small children does not obey the laws of physics and should never be underestimated.


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