Smart little 11-month-old baby figures out a clever way to climb off this bed


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Dang, that’s impressive. My baby is only 5 months old and I can’t imagine him being able to think that like in 6 months time.


My baby just turned 19 (years). It’s far more difficult for him to get out of bed :wink:


I love that he went for redundancy. Two pillows would’ve been sufficient. But he had the resources (time, pillows), so he put all 3 down. He will make a fine engineer or architect.


Certainly a maker in the making. But the video cuts off early – there is so much more we could deduce from his actions over the next 20 seconds. If the kid put the pillows back up on the bed to hide his methods, then we might expect him to become a politician or lawyer. On the other hand, if he posts a howto on his blog for other kids to use, he’s sure to be a teacher.


He is obviously smarter then me or any of my coworkers. I’d hire him. Probably be running the place within a month.


Not only did he use all the pillows, he appeared to double-check that there were no more pillows left to build his escape route.

Smarts and caution - he will surely do well for himself.



Day 325: Sleeping platform negotiated. Still attempting to determine Wi-Fi password. Am gaining Female Guard’s trust, Male Guard is still suspicious, continually asking for my transfer documents.


It’s a shame he can’t run for president yet. I feel a lot more confident about his planning skills than anyone running.


One of my first memories is me standing up in my crib figuring out I could climb out on to the radiator and then down to the floor.


This video is crying out for the Mission: Impossible theme music.


I hear Michael Bay has already optioned this video.


babies are resourceful, you should see some of the places they can get out of!


You’d be surprised how fast they can grow and learn.


future clickbait title?



I hear buzzfeed’s hiring.


Love that he commits by throwing the pacifier down first.


Just checking the size of the drop


I suppose the bed will explode at the end, with the baby calmly crawling away without looking back…


When I was about 2 years old I figured out that I could pull out the kitchen drawers and climb them like stairs. This allowed me to reach my real goal, the shiny knife my mom thought was out of reach. Then I nearly cut my finger off, and earned a quick trip to the doctor.