Watching this toddler try and try to stack cups is highly engaging


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She’ll be mastering the Towers of Hanoi in no time.


It’s exhausting and occasionally mind numbing but I love being a full time dad of a two year old. It’s amazing to watch kids grow.


Nailed it


Next week: Three card monte.


Not struggling, experimenting. Seeing what works and how. Good job!


I think this child is part otter:


Kids… if they didn’t smell bad they’d be cute.


I’ve read that this is why pre-verbal babies can basically learn to use smartphones/tablets faster than many adults – they just experiment, aren’t afraid to try things, remember what works and what patterns emerge, and voila! Pretty amazing, I wish my brain was still that sharp!


Just want to say, this was definitely the best thing I saw on the internet today. Way to go, bb. You’ve redeemed yourselves, for a day!


Nice misdirection with the fumbling dumb baby act, but she definitely slipped a lime into the 3rd bucket.


Kids work things out in their own schedule. The Ratel Kit was sorting cups and stacking blocks before he could crawl, but has been relatively behind on verbal stuff, especially compared to his cousin who is six months younger.


Bi-lingual household, by any chance? That’s a common side effect. It works itself out soon enough.


My older brother had a hard time learning due to being raised in a bi-lingual household. His first language was Spanish, then had to switch to mostly English, and then a few years later back to mostly Spanish. Even now he’s very deliberate in the way he talks, meanwhile i didn’t have as much of a problem because i was using mostly both at the same time.


I wish. Madam Mrs The Ratel speaks a little Spanish to him, and I use all five of my words in Welsh, but realistically it’s English. And he’s way behind his little friend who speaks English (admitted little), Russian and Ukrainian.

Probably the biggest factor is that neither of us are particularly chatty.

He’s basically about average for his age now. The pediatrician told us kids develop different things at wildly different rates and then by the time they’re in kindergarten they’re all pretty much the same.


On average, adults smell much worse.


I resent the implication that I poop myself.

There was just that one time.
Well, and that other time.
But only those times.
Only those two times.
I swear.

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