What happens in babies' brains between babbling and speech




That’s honestly the happiest-looking brain scan picture I’ve ever seen.



Our (almost) three-year old now finds nonsense (or highly inaccurate) talk hilarious, which to us seems particularly funny because he has been making it himself up until very recently.

On the other hand he’s growing up bilingual so I ( the monolingual one) am the only one who should really be ashamed.


My four-year old makes up words all the time, but he gets irritated when I do it. Which is a pity, because I taught myself to speak in tongues years ago.


I think this is very normal. Once you figure something out for yourself, being unaware of it becomes funny. Like children who have just figured out that their parents don’t know everything they know find that really funny. “Funny” is like real-life dramatic irony.


I’d say Tea Party philosophy, most likely.


I know, but it’s also natural for us to find his ‘irrational’ or ‘hypocritical’ behaviour funny.


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